Hydraulic Dampers

- Sep 20, 2016-

Hydraulic Dampers

Multi-talent in speed control

The hydraulic dampers are similar in appearance to our industrial gas springs but are adjusted in the end position and work differently to the DVC family with individual speed adjusters for the push and pull direction. The dampener provides users with the maximum flexibility. Whether used as drive compensation or safety element, the retraction and extension speed of these solutions can always be precisely set. This means that the speed of movement can be controlled, synchronization regulated in both directions and pivoting loads can be compensated. Depending on the model, the push and pull forces are between30to35kgf.cm. These maintenance-free, ready-to-install products can be used in the heavy lid like toilet lid, washing machine cover.

Dampeners are a highly efficient method of increasing brand quality, whilst also ensuring mechanical safety over the long term of assemblies, as the strain is largely removed from those assemblies when a vane damper system is employed.

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