Introduction Of Small Rotary Dampers

- Jun 27, 2017-

     RDE Miniature Rotary Damper The new design enhances smooth mechanical slippage and its functionality, as well as offers "better tactile quality", plus the benefits include operational safety, longevity and noise reduction. The RDE Rotary damper is designed to minimize kinetic energy by controlling the speed of viscous oil by damping force and a perforated feather or piston type. RDE Rotary damper products are available in either single direction or bidirectional control speed, continuous rotation or single rotation. RDE Rotary damper should be used in computer hardware, car interior decoration, dial-type telephone, small turntable equipment, video camera, tape recorder and wide range of electronic products. They can also be used in automation and space applications, medical equipment, company and home furnishings, industrial safety shields and machine shields.

     N Series products can provide pros and cons of two kinds of damping, positive and negative damping ratio of 0.3-0.5, can be paired to meet customer requirements for greater resistance, product rotation angle of 110 degrees. N series of products applicable to the toilet lid, cupboard, washing machine, such as flip.Small Rotary Dampers

     Q Series products for two-way damping, because this series of products for friction damper, so there is no limit to the rotation angle, installation mode can choose $number Square empty, diameter 14 hole and the six-side shaft hole installation. Mainly used in seats, fitness equipment, medical equipment and so on.Product spec.: Torque from 0.2-6nmm selectable.Small Rotary Dampers.

     Rotary damper, damping gear, damper is suitable for all kinds of small, medium-sized box, such as flip, telescopic, sliding products, with shockproof effect and slow door opening and closing speed, so that its smooth, effective reduction in the use of products generated by the noise, improve the entire product grade. For all types of small and medium-sized products flip or other parts of the landing bounce/telescopic/slide, and other actions when the buffer closure.Small Rotary Dampers

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