Japan And Shanghai Seismic Damper Technology

- Jul 12, 2016-

Install seismic damper: set up a seismic damper between superstructure and Foundation of buildings, buildings under seismic damper support, for seismic purposes. When the earthquake occurred, due to seismic damper effect extended the time required to shake once, building to reduce the shaking acceleration. This technique not only has better seismic effects and seismic dampers can be used to resist Hurricane storage, or as after the earthquake, refuge of the place of residence.

Install sliding body: Japan National Museum of Western art is using the "slide". In between building and Foundation combined with spherical bearings or sliding body, forming a scrolling-type supporting structure, so as to reduce the shaking caused by the earthquake.

Install spring: basic part in the Foundation of the building and installed between the spring on the main part of the building, building in a floating State. Experiments show that after 6-7 earthquake after spring offset, its vibrations will be reduced to 1/10.

General in 7-degree earthquake fortification architecture in Shanghai, according to local building code regulations, new buildings in Shanghai in accordance with seismic damper seven medium intensity security, important buildings in accordance with the eight medium security, ensure earthquake seismic dampers do not fall, shock is not bad.

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