Kinematic Power Of Vane Rotary Dampers

- Oct 09, 2017-

Rotating dampers In life and work, we are more common, it is suitable for a variety of needs to buffer the mechanical movement of a device to ease the friction between the equipment to extend the service life of the product. What is the rotation damper for you? What is the characteristic and how it works. Rotary damper principle: the main part of the damper is suspended by the cable of the two weighing about 150 tons of weight objects, hanging in the 90 layer (395 meters). Vane Rotary Dampers

When the wind hit, the device uses a sensor to detect the size of the wind and the degree of rocking of the building, and through the computer through the spring, hydraulic device to control the counterweight in the opposite direction of movement, thereby reducing the degree of rocking the building.Vane Rotary Dampers

Dampers, is the supply of movement resistance, consumption of energy consumption equipment. And the "special" components placed on the tectonic system can provide the resistance of the movement, the energy consumption of the equipment, we call the damper. From the 1970s onwards, we began to gradually transfer these skills to the construction, bridges, railways and other structural engineering, its very fast. Is a history of more than 50 years of hydraulic viscous dampers, in the United States by the construction industry to accept once, experienced a lot of tests, severe inspection, repeated proof, is the long process of earthquake detection.Vane Rotary Dampers

Some models in the brake calipers will install a damper, it can be effective in the braking process to control the noise, the noise mainly from the brake pads and brake disc friction between the vibration generated, and the installation of the damping This part of the vibration can be resolved. Rotary damper is the use of brake transmission mechanism to brake shoes to brake friction plate on the inside, resulting in braking force, according to the need to slow down the wheel or stop within a short distance to ensure traffic safety and to protect the car parked Reliable can not automatically slip. The rotating element of the drum brake is a brake drum, and the fixing element is a brake shoe; its cost is in line with the conventional design.Vane Rotary Dampers

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