Lasuozu System Of Dongting Lake Bridge Making Bridges Safer

- Jul 12, 2016-

To make the bridge a solid, strong wind and earthquake-proof construction in Dongting Lake bridge renovation project use a damper, damper make the works more stable, bridge operations more secure.

Dongting Lake bridge cable vibration control system upgrade and Suo Tanei steel stair renovation project, since its start in May this year, progress is currently in the construction phase of tension. Lasuozu vibration control system upgrading project of the original 156-cable vibration control system was upgraded to permanent adjustment of magneto-rheological damper on 60 without cable vibration damper installed permanent magnet adjustable magneto-rheological dampers. After the completion of this project will ensure the cable vibration reduction system in multi modal optimal damping for optimum damping to ensure bridge safety. Suo Tanei steel stairs after completion of the renovation project, will facilitate the daily inspection and maintenance of the bridge. These two projects are expected to be completed by the end.

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