Machine Components

- Aug 26, 2017-

            As the upstream product of the equipment manufacturing industry, the special equipment parts and components are widely used in petroleum and natural gas, clean and high-efficiency power generation, engineering and mining machinery, transportation, aerospace and other major equipment industries, benefiting from the rapid growth of major equipment demand and entering a new historical development period.Machine Components

            Developed countries with multinational companies as the main body, has a comprehensive global industrial chain of special equipment and components, and through the global integration of industry to optimize constantly. In the first decade of this century, multinational corporations have acquired low-cost resources mainly through global procurement, and are now accelerating their direct investment in countries and regions with good market prospects and low manufacturing costs, relying on technology and capital advantages to build a more concise and efficient industrial chain of dedicated equipment and components to achieve global manufacturing.

            China's special equipment and components industry after years of development, formed a complete range, large-scale, with a certain degree of international competitiveness of the industrial system, but the development of serious lag in the mainframe products, middle and low production capacity, high-end product capacity. Taking power generation equipment as an example, the production of our country is the first in the world, but the development of high-end materials and important auxiliaries has been lagging behind the technological progress of power generation equipment, some important valves, pumps and other key components still need to be imported.

            Casting forming parts, especially steel castings, are the important source products of special equipment and components, the pattern change is very prominent in the global industry integration, the developing countries such as China are developing rapidly and the developed countries are shrinking, but they are still trying to promote the development, and focus on the high-end products with special equipment and components.Machine Components

            The high-end products of special equipment and components are the carrier of core technology, and with the development of special equipment to large-scale, high-efficiency, green and intelligent, the technical performance requirements of key components are more and more high. In recent years, many advanced manufacturing processes and technology applications have been accelerated, and basic manufacturing technology has made breakthrough progress, such as molten steel refining and protection technology, precision clean casting forming technology, high-precision CNC cutting technology, ultra-high speed and ultra-precision machining technology, CNC composite processing technology and other widely used, for different industries for special equipment required for high-performance components, complex space curved parts, complex structural parts of the key parts manufacturing to provide a guarantee.Machine Components

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