Nanjing High-end Villas With Seismic Damper

- Jul 12, 2016-

Durable high-end Villa is a must, and seismic capacity is strong, this not damper, damper for high-end Villa project look more elegant, and for people who live in areas prone to earthquakes, the damper is a protective barrier of the Villa, put you more at ease and comfortable. Urban developers high-tech home buyers in depth on the basis of intensive construction of permanent value connotation of the brand and creation fit region, has embraced the contemporary architecture of the Psalms. Set Sen Lin Hu Nissei Yuehua, and Mount Laurel fengwo of gas, project presents, "heaven, Earth, and man" harmonious and liveable.

Hardcover façade technology landscape master spirit villas through the damper for seismic energy

Tech border respect the original surface texture and the environment, still 600,000 square meters and magnificent landscape, big painted the Grand poem, fully reflects the forest cultural heritage and architectural connotation. Architectural detailing emphasizes simplicity, nature, distinguished style, not only in imagination. Manual plastering and STUCCO mix of the natural luxury marble façade, time tempered, wise and no shortage of gentle. About 43000 square meter holiday project will focus on creating livable level landscape, interpretation of Bali romantic at the same time, into the southern charm of the detail is exquisite

Worthy of mention are: the tech wing borders no expense, the introduction of system of earthquake, in Jiangsu Province has become the first company to use passive energy dissipation damper technology--viscoelastic dampers in residential projects. By "soft energy" ways to reduce structural seismic response than ordinary housing earthquake resistant performance improvement of 50%, make real estate real estate

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