New Development Of Dampers

- Sep 06, 2016-

New development of dampers


In 2016, the Dongguan longi plastic electronic limited according to a Taiwan sanitary ware company requirements, developed a new damper.

This new Rotary damper model is: LF-36D. It makes up for the deficiencies in the previous one way damper, toilet seat can be positioned down.

Positioning damper for the unit, a pair is made up of one large and one small, embodies the humanistic spirit of Dongguan longi plastic electronic limited. For now, positioning damper applications, positioning Rotary damper is used on the toilet lid cover and ring, Cap and the ring can be the perfect job.

The main parameters of the product:

Shell material: PBT

Shaft material: PBT

Oil damping: silicone oil

Torque range:

Maximum rotation angle: 110 °

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