New Vane Rotary Dampers

- Jul 03, 2017-

        The structure of the rotary vane hydraulic damper: The damper consists of a rotating vane and a fixed blade, respectively connected with the output shaft and the casing, wherein the fixed blade has a adjustable throttle damping hole and the damping hole diameter is adjustable. The two blades will be divided into two volume cavity inside the damper, the two cavities are filled with hydraulic oil, and each contact surface requires a good seal. The damper is connected with the output shaft of the actuator of the hydraulic system, and the oscillating process of the actuator is transformed into the repeated rotation of the rotating blades. When the rotating blades rotate clockwise at a certain angular velocity, the left volume cavity is increased by the decrease of the volume. The right volume cavity, due to the volume increase, forms part of the vacuum, which causes the hydraulic oil to flow from the high-pressure cavity to the low-pressure cavity.

        Due to the action of damping hole, the damping torque produced in a certain range is proportional to the angular velocity of the output shaft, and the proportional coefficient is mainly determined by the diameter of the damping hole. Therefore, adjusting the damping hole diameter of the damper can get the damping force which is proportional to the speed, reduce the oscillation times and stabilize the system quickly by consuming energy to restrain the oscillation of the control system.Vane Rotary Dampers

Aiming at the problem of low damping ratio of hydraulic control system, a kind of rotary vane hydraulic damper is developed and applied to the tension control system of valve control motor to verify its correctness and practicability.Vane Rotary Dampers

        The relation of damping coefficient of hydraulic damper is derived, and the correlative parameters affecting the damping coefficient are determined. The damping coefficient can be realized by adjusting the diameter of the damping throttle hole to meet the needs of different control systems.Vane Rotary Dampers

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