Our Rotary Dampers

- Jan 09, 2017-

Our Rotary Dampers are sealed maintenance free units. They are available with fixed or adjustable damping rates. The damping can be clockwise, anticlockwise or in both directions. 

The outer body is either plastic or metal depending upon model size. The output connection can be direct onto the keyed output shaft or indirect via a plastic gear (available with 4 standard modules). Plastic racks with modules of 0.5 to 1 are also available. Applications include office machinery, lids and flaps, floppy disc drives, piano lids, CD players, auto glove-boxes, vending machines, medical equipment, furniture industry and a multitude of others.

Our Rotary Dampers guarantee the smooth controlled opening and closing of small lids, covers and flaps. They can be mounted directly on the pivot axis or can be used to provide linear damping by using a plastic gear and rack. They enable mechanisms to operate with a smooth controlled motion giving that "touch of quality" to whatever product they are used on. 

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