Overview Of Wind Damper And Application In Production

- Jul 12, 2016-

Will be used for building the above, under the wind is able to reduce the shaking of buildings, architecture plays a cover of sponsorship.

Proliferation of high-rise buildings in the world. Super high-rise building construction is a wide range of comprehensive performance of high-tech skills, which the building structure design is most important. To ensure safe, first powerful earthquake-resistant. Also required to consider living on a warm, in the case of large wind turbines can reduce swing. Therefore, known as "building gods ball" wind damper is generally used.

Air dampers are high-rise buildings to earthquakes, a row of sinks shock installation. by lifting the upper floor in a large iron balls weighing hundreds of tons through a transmission installed by spring, hydraulic installation line sink floor vibrations, reached the earthquake resistance of the target.

In first install wind damper is the Taipei 101 Tower, Taipei 101 Tower in 88-92 floor hang a weighed 680 tonnes of great ball, using swing to slow shake of the building site. Shanghai world financial center is 90 or 2 installed to refrain from building because strong winds caused wind damper with rocking! But the building by strong winds swing through sensors to the wind damper, air damper drive mounted will master the moves of weight distribution and then down the swaying of the building level. By introducing wind dampers will allow acceleration when there are strong winds added to the buildings (gravity) falling at about 40%. In addition, the air damper can lower earthquake on buildings, in particular impact at the top of the building.

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