Protection Device Of Small Unidirectional Rotary Damper

- Sep 22, 2017-

     Damper is a device that provides movement resistance and consumes energy. The "special" components placed on a structural system can provide resistance to movement, a device that consumes less energy, and is called a damper. Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

     Since the the 1970s, people began to gradually switch these technologies to construction, bridges, railways and other structural projects, its development is very rapid. In particular, the more than 50-year-old hydraulic viscous damper, before the United States by the structural engineering industry accepted, experienced a large number of experiments, rigorous review, repeated argumentation, especially the long process of earthquake test.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    The most proud of this outcome is the "structural protection system". People jump out of the traditional strengthening of beams, columns, walls to improve the ability to resist vibration of the concept, combined with the dynamic performance of the structure, ingenious to avoid or reduce the earthquake, wind damage. Base isolation, a variety of damper energy absorption, energy dissipation system, high rise building on the roof of the mass Resonance damping system (TMD) and active control of the damping system has been to the engineering practice.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

     Some have become less vibration protection measures. Especially for the unpredictable earthquake, the damage mechanism is not very clear multidimensional vibration, these structures protection system becomes more important. The least controversial of these structural protection systems is the use of dampers to absorb the unpredictable seismic energy. Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

     Using damping to absorb energy damping is not a new technology, in aerospace, military, guns, automobiles and other industries have already applied a variety of dampers to reduce energy dissipation. Since the the 1970s, people began to gradually switch these technologies to construction, bridges, railways and other projects, its rapid development. By the end of 20th century, nearly 100 structural projects around the world have used dampers to absorb energy and shock.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

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