Retractable Belts With Dampener Help E-commerce Development

- Aug 18, 2016-

Retractable belts with dampener help E-commerce development

In recent years ,the mobile Internet is increasingly profound influence on the development of traditional industries ,the expansion of distribution channel ,market capacity and the subversion of the traditional marketing model ,has attracted a large number of companies into the mobile Internet market.

Such problems plagued a lot of express logistics company, in fact, also from the root solution, is to increase the speed of express box, from the starting line to begin to accelerate. How to speed up the starting line but slow the speed down the processing line to protect people, in addition to training workers in packing, also select high quality automatic equipment, reducing the time and effort, this equipment telescopic belt conveyor with stainless steeldamper is a very good choice, because gear damper can reduce the noise and control the speed .

Telescopic dampers are installed, pushes the entire goods flow more smoothly and does not hurt people. Now the express delivery industry, e-commerce warehousing a lot still transported by human cargo on and off, but if the use of telescopic belt conveyors with rotary damper, can save manpower costs, save time, the key is to reduce rough handling of goods, reduce breakage. These are express logistics company has been the pursuit of results.

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