Rolling Machine Rotary Damper

- May 05, 2017-

There are more and more industries will use rotary damper to slow down their products,because traditional goods without rotary damper can not protect people and will waste people’s time . Today,Dongguan Longji Rotary damper factory introduce specifically the rotary damper for rolling machine .As people knows ,when rolling machine will be very fast and it would damage people.So the rolling machine maker design the new form which need to install the rotation damper to improve the product’s grade. Which one is most fittable to be used in rolling machine? The most professional engineer in Donguan Longji manufacturer recommend the LF-38A to customer .Because LF-38A is a kind of bidirectional or unidirectional rotary damper,it can limit the spring .This is an internal spring loaded and damping oil, the effect is very good, the torque value is in 1-3n, rolling machine is generally can be used, as long as the re design of a rack and the damper is matched with it. Lf-38a is damper, with gear or without gear is very flexible, the price is very affordable, after each customer orders, especially to give praise, because Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronics Co. Ltd. for professional design, production, sales and customer service service team. There is a need to use the damper (wheel) customers, please call 0769-89145676

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