Rotary Damper For Heavy Washing Machine Cover Board

- May 18, 2017-

A washing machine with a damper, which is mounted between a sink and a shell that accommodates the drum of a washing machine, is characterized by: the cylinder is provided with a piston action chamber connecting the piston of the piston rod, which is arranged in the piston and connected with the two chambers of the Piston Action Chamber divided by the piston, which is mixed with oil and gas in the piston action chamber.

Dongguan Longji Damper Manufacturers Product Advantages:

1 Slow down life: effective slow down life 100,000 times

2 Quality Stability: Product 100% in line with customer-approved tolerances (general tolerance control in plus or minus 2S)

3 High Strength Verification: the buffering function is normal after forced closure 10,000 times

(Most of the other company's damper, can not withstand the pressure test, will break the valve or pressure broken shaft.)

Similar dampers in the United States or Japan cannot withstand pressure tests. )

4 positive, inverse resistance ratio: >1:0.3

5 Use temperature:-20 degrees to 60 degrees, the performance is basically stable

6 Patented technology: Exclusive production authorization.

7 Cost-effective: Low profit + high quality = Super cost-effective

8 Quality Assurance: Unconditional return within three years.

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