Rotary Damper In Good Quality

- Dec 08, 2016-

Many days ago, Chinese household electrical appliances Association Intelligent sanitary appliances Specialized Committee was founded in Beijing. In the same period held smart bathroom appliances industry development forum, experts and enterprises, China smart bathroom market prospects, especially the intelligent toilet instead of ordinary toilet is more and more obvious trend, the future of intelligent China toilet market size will not be less than 10 million units, one of the core components for the improved damper so as to realize the slow down function, means that there are more than 20 million large market. Why is the damper intelligent toilet seat core components? First, compared with the other damper deceleration device development and production of low cost; second, the damper has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation; third, damper, good safety performance, to ensure that the toilet lid can be safe, stable, truly no dry land. Longji Do the new standard for the damper damper industry, in recent years successively for domestic and international sanitary companies provide damper accessories until now, products are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia, is widely used in engineering chairs, auditorium chairs, cars, washing machine, refrigerator, intelligent toilet cover plate, curtain, all kinds of transmission speed reducer, sliding device medical equipment, and so on.

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