Rotary Dampers Information

- Sep 23, 2016-

Rotary Dampers Information

Rotary dampers are gear-like devices designed to limit the movement of a moving piece of equipment. Rotary dampers absorb and slow down rotary motion for the amendment of vibration, noise, and machine component wear. A rotary damper enables products to perform with a smooth mechanical motion. Rotary shock absorbers control vertical and lateral motion in rail suspension applications. A rotary shock absorber is built to outlast and outperform linear type shock absorbers. A rotary speed damper is designed to slow down the rotary motion within the machine. A rotary motion damper is used to provide a smooth, controlled retraction of a movable mechanical device. Damped stop gates provide vibration-free damping to the end position which is a prerequisite for precision machining. Damped stop gate benefits are increased manufacturing quality and reduced reject rates.


The rotary damper contains different grades or blends of silicone to produce varying torque values to offer specific limitations or speeds of the moving piece. Many different rotary damper torque values are available and rotary dampers have many gear types to choose from. Rotary damping is used in everything from car door handles to garbage can lids to create a quiet movement.


Rotary dampers are found in a variety of industries such as furniture, cabinets, automotive, and the electronics industry (e.g., CD door or tray opens slowly). Rotary dampers can also be found in Camcorders, dvd players, cell phones, copy machines, laptops, tape players, and toilet seats. Rotary dampers are commonly used for deployment systems by the aerospace industry, i.e. for solar panels on satellites. When solar panels open in space, they are opened by a spring and there has to be some type of damper in the system to stop excessive acceleration and prevent it flying off into space. Reliable dampers can protect delicate electronics and extend the life of certain products by helping to prevent lid and access panel closure damage. Superior noise suppression is achieved as a direct result of the smooth flowing motion provided by dependable rotary dampers.

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