ROtary Damping Hinge Absorb

- Sep 28, 2016-

There are few more challenging environments than an offshore oil rig, particularly in stormy conditions, but Longji damper industrial shock absorbers are helping to safely uncouple rigs from their seabed pipelines in the worst of weather conditions.

Instead of using this conventional connection, longji shock absorbers use a face-to-face design that can withstand much greater angles of displacement; they can absorb the kinetic energy of the release itself and ensure that this does not damage the clamping dogs on the connector, or any other part of the structure.

At sea, as on land, there is more at stake than just equipment damage and in the very worst of stormy conditions, the ability to safely decouple the XR Connector can not only avoid injury to human operators, but may also prevent fatalities.

Each shock absorber can take 1,700N of force per stroke and an effective mass of 21,200kg over a stroke length of just 50mm; with ten in place on each connector, even the extreme forces present on the seabed can be dealt with safely each time.

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