Rotary Gear Damper Used In Car Items

- Aug 09, 2016-

                   Rotary Gear Damper Used In Car Items

The 4th session of Dongguan modern international auto show will be held at the Dongguan international exhibition center from Sep. 3 to Sep.4.Sections of new cars will be showed, and the manufactures will push their marketing strategies. The audiences can take part in many activities in the auto show.

Well ,the car becomes more and more popular. Do you know anything about the interior items of the car? Let me tell you .

It is obvious that the “handle” can save the place ,reduce the noise and protect it after using our small rotary damper .

The glasses box in the car,Without installing the silicone iol damper,it may hurt you ,because it has no a strenghth to slow down the speed,which was provided by rotary plastic dmaper.

There are many things in the car will use the damper.

Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD has manufactured the rotary dampers for 17 years. The company is experienced in manufacturing the rotary dampers used in different shapes of lids. We can make the rotary dampers according to customers’need.

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