Seat-damper In Auditorium Chair

- Aug 23, 2016-

Seat-damper In Auditorium Chair

In the meeting room or movie room, the seat with damper hinge you can see everywhere. Auditorium chair, most of the time with sofa cushions, for the convenience of press personnel evacuation, the cushion can be used the turnover structure. But when close or open in a fast way. Rotary damper in soft close seats will work in this condition, because dampener is a device to slow the speed. 

Damper through the damping oil viscosity to produce its own resistance .The silicone damping oil is different, the resistance is not the same.

Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD has manufactured the rotary dampers for 17 years. The company is experienced in manufacturing the rotary dampers used in different shapes of lids. We can make the rotary dampers 

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