Seismic Damping Roller Design For Area Residents To Live Comfortable

- Jul 12, 2016-

70 episodes during the Tangshan earthquake remains a lingering fear, 2008 Wenchuan earthquake makes people sad, but suffering heart formed by great loss of no benefit. When the all nationals in mourning and awareness of the earthquake (damping roller) reflection, seems more practical.

Damping roller is supplied to the resistance, reduced energy consumption devices. Energy absorption damping use damping to no new techniques in aerospace, aviation, military, guns, car industry has long been used in a wide variety of damping roller (or shock absorbers) to seismic energy dissipation. Since in the 1970 of the 20th century, people gradually began to put these skills into building, bridges, railways and other structures in engineering. Special hydraulic viscous damping is a more than 50-year history of wheel, in the United States were constructed before engineers receive, experience a few tests, strict review, repeated arguments, especially earthquake-proof long course. In accordance with the relevant standards, combined with vanke golden mile Washington target practice, and study to redesign and planning, doing three sets of plans and practices and test them one by one, and finally selected the best plan to be fulfilled.

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