Slow Up And Slow Down

- Apr 19, 2017-

After the incident “white goes her husband’s back”, she was quite regretted, which brings a very terrible consequence to her.

If you want to make your product not break away from the normal orbit, to work on routine, it is necessary to install a damper on your product.

Previously, we have said rice cooker hinge damper, pot lid damper, audio damper gear. And next what I want to introduce is the rule “slow up and slow down” about damper.

Damper joins in the hinge, adding with damper oil, making sure to reduce the influence of free fall, realizing the rule “slow up and slow down”. In this way, not only can looks elegant, but also avoid the danger of hitting hands.

Dong guan Longji Plastic Electronics Co. produce and design 36 kinds of damper, sevice for the factories all over the world. Make the rule “Directly sales, Good quality, discount”

The most important is, the secretary “Dang kang” saidbuy damperchoose DG Longji!”

If you want to call us, can phone “0769-89145676”

barrel damper

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