Small Plastic Rotary Damper (LF-21B)

- Sep 14, 2016-

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:LF-21B

  • Direction:Bi-Direction

  • Usage:Rotary Damper for Car

  • Applection:Soft Closing Damper

  • Certifiction:ISO9001/14001

  • Torque Range:120-280gf.Cm

  • Trademark:longji

  • Specification:ISO14001/9001

  • Origin:Dongguan China

Product Description
1. Suitable for the following products:
Torque rotary damper can be applied on all kinds of home appliance, consumer electronic products and
automobiles, such as rotary damper on TV control panel lid,rotary damper on CD drawer, rotary damper
on cassette player, rotary damper on all control panel covers.
High precise torque rotary damper makes products more valuable with the smooth motion control that brings from rotary damper.
Plastic rotary damper can make soundless, and with the smooth motion control function that rotary damper brings, it can also extend the life of products.

2. Material:
Shell\cover: PC
Axis core/gear: POM
Seal ring: Silica gel
Damping oil: Silicone oil

3. Product parameters:
Module: 0.8
Number of teeth: 13
Pitch circle: 10.4
Pressure angle: 20°
Resistance range: 25-85gf. Cm

4. Basic principles:
The torque made by the damping oil to the rotating parts cohesion effect is the resistance. The value of the resistance is decided by the viscosity and contact area is bigger, the resistance is bigger, and vice versa.

5. Temperature Characteristics:
Resistance of the damper varies according to the ambient temperature. Since the temperature effects the sealing damping oil fluidity. If the temperature is higher, the fluidity is higher, and the resistance is lower, and vice versa. The suitable temperature range is -20° C-80° C.

6. Speed Characteristics:
Under common condition, the resistance made by the oil to the rotating parts cohesion effect will be higher if the rotating speed is higher, and vice versa.

7. Resistance and Testing:
In the production testing under normal 27.5° C, put the products on the axis rotating in a speed of 36r/min. And the resistance in the 3rd rotate is looked as the standard one. Commonly, the resistance can be adjusted from 35g to 85g
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