Small Rotary Dampers Little-known Message

- Jun 13, 2017-

    For those who love their own hands, looking at their own transformation of the items back to use, the kind of pride arises spontaneously, if you are interested, then may wish to try to install their own rotary damper, although this product installation Relatively complex, but if there are detailed methods of operation may also wish to try, the first method, if the machine structure can not use the method can be used this method can be used in this method on the inner surface of the dammer evenly coated with a layer of lubrication with the same brand Of the lubricating oil.

    Press the factory number and arrow to the dampers into the rail between the two sliders; dampers connected to the side of the lubrication joints, connecting the pump, and then install the table on the slider, with the torque wrench according to the corresponding torque requirements to all Tighten the screws that connect the slider, and the screws that connect the dampers need to be tightened tightly by hand.Small Rotary Dampers

    Use the pump to pump the damper, and then push the table to slide two or three rounds, and then the damper oil, repeat two to three times, and finally with a torque wrench to connect the dampers to tighten the screws.

    There is another way to ensure that the surface of the rail and the inner surface of the damper without oil; the top of the rail and the top of the damper are marked with models, factory numbering and arrows, according to the corresponding number and direction of the dam will be inserted into the dam Two sliders on the rails.

    Tighten the dampers to install the screws, place the micrometer in the side of the damper on the side of the two corners, read and record the two micrometer reading, calculate the uniformity of measurement, adjust the damper to half the value, the use of torque wrench Tighten the bolts; remove the side of the damper side of the plug, install the lubrication pipe joints and start the oil.Small Rotary Dampers

    Rotary damper application of the extensive has been greatly improved, through the network platform, we can also view a lot of information related to it, in order to let everyone more thoroughly understand it, Yong Sheng today to share with you in the industry are BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a rotary damper for rotationally braking a driven gear engaged with, for example, a gear and a rack. The background structure of the rotary damper includes a housing, Viscous fluid.

    A rotor having a rotating shaft projecting from the housing and a rotor brake plate continuously provided and rotatably accommodated in the housing at the lower end of the rotary shaft, and a sealing material disposed between the housing and the rotating shaft and preventing the viscous fluid from Outside the shell leakage. Further, a driven gear is integrally rotatably mounted on a portion of the shaft projecting from the housing. In the rotary dampers, the viscous fluid silicone oil is produced, and the change in viscosity (viscosity) caused by the temperature change is small and is suitable for use as a material for applying a braking torque to the rotor brake plate.Small Rotary Dampers

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