Small Rotary Dampers Use Changes In Ambient Temperature

- May 25, 2017-

Small Rotary Dampers In life and work, we are more common, it is suitable for a variety of needs to buffer the mechanical movement of a device to ease the friction between the equipment to extend the service life of the product.

Rotary dampers allow the product to obtain gentle mechanical movement, Small Rotary Dampers to enhance the quality of goods and longevity. One-way buffer and two-way buffer. Used in computer drive, CD player out of the warehouse, notebook computer opening and closing, seat conditioning,Small Rotary Dampers mobile phone flip, cassette cassette, etc..

Rotary damper features:

Speed, rotary dampers according to the speed of change, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the speed increases, the torque also increases. The speed slows down and the torque decreases. Torque is different from standard torque at start-up.

Temperature characteristics, Small Rotary Dampers the rotation of the damper varies according to the use of ambient temperature, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the ambient temperature increases when the torque decreases, the ambient temperature decreases when the torque increases. This is because the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper also changes as the ambient temperature changes. However, Small Rotary Dampers when the ambient temperature returns to normal temperature, Small Rotary Dampers the torque will return to the original value.

Small Rotary Dampers As shown in the figure above, Small Rotary Dampers viscous greases sealed in the body have a damping force on the movement of the moving parts, Small Rotary Dampers determined by the viscosity of the viscous fats and the contact area of the oil. Produce the size of the torque.

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