Sound Damper

- Mar 30, 2017-

With the development of modern society, before the 90 s the CD puts on the DVD, then to put CD in the computer mainframe, play on your computer.

Until the 21st century, CD has been achieved in the audio.

So convenient to carry, put CD, can play the wonderful music.

what is the secret?

As far as I know, the sound becomes more and more fine, on both sides of the sound loaded on small gear damper,  the lid is slowly rises, which makes sound looks more perfect. Also achieve the most important function of damper: security.

"Two-child" policy opens up, more and more children in Chinese families.

For the use of household goods, security is often the most critical.

"Pain" of clamp hand called is one of the top ten in the history of pain, only you experience it, you could feel it.

Ingenious buffer is exactly solved the problem.

Damper can achieve advanced and beautiful, two can be secure , why not?

Dongguan longji lf - 23, lf - 02, the small gear is used on the stereo.

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