Structural Characteristics Of Vane Rotary Dampers

- Sep 13, 2017-

     A two-dimensional local sliding friction contact model is established by using a parallel spring with a sliding contact to simulate the frictional contact between blades and dampers in two-dimensional planar motions. The finite element model of the blade-edge plate damper was established by adding two vertical spring damping units to simulate blade vibration in the blade flange plate.Vane Rotary Dampers

     Combined with two models, a method for analyzing the damping characteristics of Blade edge plate damper in two-dimensional coupled vibration is presented. An example analysis shows that there is a positive pressure range near the operating frequency, so that the steady amplitude damping effect of the two-dimensional coupled vibration is the best, and the frequency has no obvious effect on the steady amplitude damping characteristics. The analysis method is suitable for the analysis of coupling vibration of blade edge plate damper in various complex plane friction contact.Vane Rotary Dampers

    The additional dry friction damper is an effective method to restrain the vibration of aero-engine blades at the blade flange. The research shows that establishing a scientific and accurate frictional contact model is the key to the calculation and analysis of this kind of damper. The parallel and series model of spring is proposed to simulate one-dimensional frictional contact. The one-dimensional local sliding of the frictional contact surface is studied, and a one-dimensional analytic friction model is proposed. With the deep research, one-dimensional friction model can not solve the problem of blade coupling vibration is more obvious, and the blade is not one-dimensional vibration.Vane Rotary Dampers

    In order to get close to engineering practice, the vibration damping characteristics of blade coupling are studied, based on the two-dimensional integral sliding model, the calculation formulae of frictional friction under the Ji Weiping surface are deduced, which lays an important foundation for the two-dimensional local sliding model. The control of the vibration response of the structure in the circular motion of the contact point is studied, and the contact point is reduced to elliptical motion. The idea of establishing two-dimensional local sliding model is presented, and the vibration characteristics of the mass-spring system are studied.Vane Rotary Dampers

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