Taipei 101 In Order To Wind The Damper

- Jul 12, 2016-

Taipei 101 (Taipei101), also known as the Taipei 101 Tower, formerly known as the Taipei International financial center early in the planning phase (TaipeiFinancialCenter), is currently the second-tallest building in the world. Located in Xinyi district, Taipei, Taiwan, designed by the architect of the original design, KTRT team building, world record Association, China has maintained a number of world records. Taipei 101, once the world's tallest building, take into account the actual building height on July 21, 2007, to 141, by construction of the Burj Dubai surpassed, then Guangzhou tower built, 101, relegated to third-tallest building in the world, using state of the art damper technology.

In the contemporary skyscraper Taipei 101 building using state of the art damper technology. Building online using optical fiber and satellite networks, transmission rates of up to 1Gb per second. In addition, Japan Toshiba (TOSHIBA) companies manufacturing the two fastest elevators in the world, to within 39 seconds from 5 up to the viewing platform at 89. Visitors can also place the stairs in the 91 floor outdoor observation deck. In response to the high altitude and strong winds caused by Typhoon blows shaking. Building sets "tuned mass damper" (also called "tuned mass damper"), is between 88 and 92/f, hung a huge steel ball weighing 660 metric tons (damper), using swing to slow the shaking of buildings. According to Taipei 101 Billboard puts it, this is also the world's only open visitors to watch the giant damper, is currently the world's largest damper.

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