Technical Characteristics Of Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

- Sep 13, 2017-

    Damping Spring shock absorber consists of spiral steel spring, damping, metal shell, fixed plate, leveling plate, load display, safety support and other components; the biggest characteristic of damping spring shock absorber is that the fracture condition will never appear in the damping spring damper in the transportation and operation process, can increase the shock absorber service life. And this kind of shock absorber can bear the heavy weight, the user can choose different damping spring damper according to their different needs.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    Damping Spring shock absorber frequency is very low but the effect of vibration isolation is very good, and the structure is tight, the size of the shape is not very large. This makes it more convenient to install, and is reliable and safe to use. Although the shape is relatively small but the application life is not short.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    Damping Spring Shock absorber has a strong adaptability to work, even in the case of minus or codos can also work normally, this is the general shock absorber not up to the working state. Whether it is active isolation, negative vibration isolation or impact vibrations have a significant effect, but also effectively blocking the sound of solids. It has achieved ideal effect in isolating vibration, reducing noise, regulating vibration pollution and protecting environment.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    Damping Spring shock Absorber's technical characteristics: Spring Damper Vibration isolation efficiency of more than 80%, the design life of up to 30 years, almost maintenance-free; The shock absorber is fixed by fixed plate without bolt, which can facilitate the shock absorber in position, leveling, damping to liquid damping; Improve the seismic function and quickly restore production. Protect equipment, reduce failure rate and prolong service life. Shorten process flow, improve efficiency and plant utilization.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

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