The Effect Of Damper

- Feb 21, 2017-

As we all know, to free vibration effect of  the various friction and other barriers, we call it a damping.

And The system can provide motion resistance, reduce energy consumption, we called the damper

Damper is commonly used in the suspension system of automobile. Some bike, using damping can absorb energy and less vibration was not a new technology, in the aerospace, aviation, war industry, guns, automobile and other industries. All kinds of damper has already been applied in vibration energy dissipation.

Actually in our daily life, a small damper, used in the washer, trash can, toilet lid, and the effects is quite huge, damper prevents the damage to furniture, also let the furniture looks beautiful.

Not only on furniture, some advanced seat, vending machines, the piano can also be used.

For example: rotary damper for gentle movement, improve product quality and longevity.

Applied to computer cd-rom, CD players in and out of the storehouse, laptop open and close, seat adjustment, mobile phone cover, cassette tape box.

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