The First Shower Manufacturer Using Damper In Bathroom Products

- Aug 12, 2016-

The first shower manufacturer using damper in bathroom products

Stainless steel Damper ,is to provide the resistance, reduced consumption devices.

It was not a new idea to use the rotary damper to control decent .Damper has been used in aerospace, aviation, military, guns, automobile industries, 

 People begun to gradually turn technologies into buildings, bridges, railways and other structures, which develops very fast. Particularly, if there is more than 50-year history of hydraulic viscous dampers in the US.

Foshan ideal sanitary war from the introduction of small gear damper techoniloogy in the shower room brought a good effect in 2010s.

At that time .the opening and closing doors shower became popular.Using the shower-room- damper not only can avoid being damaged by the door frame and glass,but also can reduce a lot of noise  and protect the shower room

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