The Function And Application Of The Series Of Rotary Damper

- Feb 15, 2017-

Dongguan damper factory wholesale / toilet cover buffer / water purifier filter is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized boxes such as flip, stretching, sliding products, shockproof function and slow down the door opening and closing speed of the smooth, smooth, can effectively reduce the products used in the process of noise, improve the product quality. 

The function and application of the series of rotary damper

At present, widely used in all kinds of seats, car CD, car mirror, car ashtray, trash, coffee pot, electric kettle, washing machine, auditorium chair, cinema chair, teaching chair, car seat, car seat, engineering train seats, toilet cover, window screen, fitness equipment, machinery and equipment, furniture drawer. Cabinets, sound, cup holder, card box, top Sunglasses holder, clothes rack, handle, tank cover, lamp box, storage box or boxes, all kinds of small and medium-sized, shutter, box box cover, telescopic sliding products, shockproof effect and slow down the door opening and closing speed of the smooth, smooth, the product can effectively reduce the use of process noise, improve the product quality and the delay of the service life of products, to create the maximum economic benefits.

Basic principle

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