The Introduction Of Washer Damper

- Apr 26, 2017-

Many people are unclear  for all kinds of information washing machine cover plate damper , such as washing machine damper features which work principle is what and what are the use of damper washing machine

Washer damper introduction:

The damper is a device used to slow down the damping characteristics of mechanical vibration and consumption energy. Various applications are: spring damper, hydraulic damper, pulse damper, rotary damper, air damper, viscous damper, damping ,damping hinge, slide, furniture hardware, kitchen hardware and so on. Commonlydampers are  used in automobile and motorcycle suspension system, a some bikes. Just a damper component. The damping in the use of the washing machine to reduce product's noise and  improve product quality.

The basic principle of damper: washing machine inner device thrusting force is small, which produces small torque, with the lid down, gravity is more and more big, the internal force of the force increasing, while the internal damping oil space becomes smaller, and the reaction is more and more big, so as to achieve the buffer.

Washing machine damper features: easy installation, simple design, can be installed according to customer requirements, design, the size of the resistance at random deployment, in the face of the reverse 30 degrees have torque





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