The Necessary Of Installing Dampers

- Mar 17, 2017-

Since the reformation  and opening up, people's living standards improved, more and more attention in the enjoyment of material ,at the same time, also began to shift the peace of mind, intelligence and comfort effect based on the toilet, now most office suites, and Restroom in some public places are using the toilet, but we in the choice must confirm the toilet lid whether the installation of  buffer, because there is no installation, toilet cover decreased when the intensity will be great, so it will not only affect the life of the product, there will be some security risks. That is not installed rotary damper case, some time ago there is a four star hotel out of the accident, a three year old. The little boy went Restroom pee alone, but the toilet lid suddenly fall, just hit the genitals, causing the tragedy. If the Restroom hotel is the use of a buffering damper .The toilet will not be such a tragedy, because the damping effect of rotary damper to control the toilet very well cover the rate of decline, the security is greatly improved, moreover, decreased due to the speed, the toilet itself because of its gravitational wear disappeared, greatly improves the service life of products thus, the design of this kind of toilet cover, very humane, not only can greatly enhance the user experience, but also can save some costs to the user, shoot two hawks with one arrow.


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