The Physical Properties And Related Application Of Barrel Rotary Damper

- Aug 04, 2017-

    Speed, rotating damper According to the change of the rotational speed, the torque also changed. The change law is as follows: The speed is increased and the torque is increased. The speed slows and the torque drops. The torque differs from the standard torque when starting.Barrel Rotary Damper
    The temperature characteristic, the rotary damper according to the use ambient temperature change, the torque also has the change. The change rule is as follows: when the ambient temperature increases, the torque decreases and the ambient temperature decreases. This is because the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper changes as the ambient temperature changes. However, when the ambient temperature is restored to normal temperature, the torque is restored to its original value.Barrel Rotary Damper
   During the opening process, the gravity of the toilet cover plate is all exerted on the damping oil, and the wall of the slot without the first notch is close to the side of the blade, and the groove wall is just closed to the oil hole on the blade; As the cover is fixed, the separator plate slides along the oil trough, the cross section area of the oil trough is changed from large to small, the end part of the separator plate is swept over the ellipse with the second notch, and then the oval part without the second notch is swept before the oil quantity is big, the flow of the damping oil is smaller, the damping force is more and more large, In order to make the hinge slow down the process first and then slow until the stop, slow down the effect of the first fast after slow, to achieve buffering effect.Barrel Rotary Damper
   A unidirectional resistance rotary damper comprises a hinge and a cover body connected with the rotating shaft, the rotating shaft comprises an inner part of the cover and an exposed section connected with the cover body, wherein the exposed section is sheathed with a sealing cover, wherein the sealing cover is connected with the cover body through a sealing ring; a sealing cavity filled with a damping oil is synthesized by the sealing cover, the inner wall of the cover body and the surface of the containing section, and the inner wall of the cover body is provided with a two-facing protruding separating plate, wherein the end part of the separating plate is matched with the surface of the inner part, The sealing cavity is characterized in that the inclusion section is provided with a two V-shaped groove, and the end of the card groove has a gap between the inner walls of the cover body; a blade is arranged in the card groove, and a plurality of oil holes are arranged on the blade, and the outer end part of the blade is matched with no clearance in the inner wall of the cover to form an oil seal structure.Barrel Rotary Damper
  The separating plate and the leaf blade separate the sealing cavity into four cavities; in the flip opening and resetting process, the blades are respectively fitted with the wall surfaces of the two sides, and the blades are arranged with a first notch on the wall surface of the card groove on which the blade of the clamshell reduction depends.Barrel Rotary Damper

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