The Price Of Rotary Damper

- Aug 22, 2016-

The price of rotary damper

Damperis a device to provide resistance, reduced energy consumption . In aerospace, aviation, military, guns, car industry has long been applied in a wide variety of dampers (shock absorbers) vibration energy dissipation. And the damper is inexpensive in our company.

However,Chevrolet in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, the 4S shops, 300 yuan is required to install the dampener, profit reached at least 11,500%. Hardware Network reminded: automotive parts and accessories in the sales process, since information asymmetry, resulting in prices of certain products into the small  damper ,owners maintenance beware of being cheated.

Owner Chen reflected in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, on November 12 last year to her Chevrolet 4S shop for car maintenance.Chen recalled, she had informed the pick-up staff car when backing is sound, please repair technicians help to see if a problem with the braking system, "accompanied maintenance when I watched, after removing my rear wheels see brake technicians, first through the portable intercom notice pick-up personnel:" less damper, damper to be installed! "

Subsequently, the pick-up personnel to the maintenance shop to find Miss Chen, told her to install a damper, "wanted me to pay over more than 300 yuan. I didn't agree with, technicians did not go through then just the 2 rear brakes grinding a bit. " Installation of a damper in a 4S shop, prices as high as 300 yuan. If it is a car, 5000 miles, maintenance cost is 300 yuan, not expensive, but if carefully to analyze the characteristics of the industry, it is not difficult to find, 4S windfall are everywhere.

Prices on the damper? Dongguan longji Plastic Electronic CO.,LTD damping prices, as gear damper from development to production process, with a high technology content ,a single damper is usually between 1.5-3.

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