Principle and Application Of Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

- Jun 27, 2017-

        Unidirectional resistance rotary damper with stand-alone mounting seat: The utility model discloses a unidirectional resistance rotary damper with an independent mounting seat, comprising a damping body, wherein the damping body is provided with a mounting seat, and the rotor shaft of the damping body extends out of the mounting seat in the middle hole and the gear connection, there is a gap between the rotor shaft and the middle hole of the mounting seat, and the outer wall of the damping main shell has an external tooth, and the external tooth tooth is matched with the inner tooth tooth of the inner ring of the mounting seat, wherein only a small portion of the inner ring of the mounting seat has an internal tooth Adopt the Independent installation seat structure, the structure is very simple, the use of the installation seat and damping of the open teeth between the meshing structure, easy to achieve, in production can reduce production costs, can be high-volume production.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers.

        Damping Slow down principle: Bai hundred what derailed after the tears, regret unceasingly, derail to her to bring the loss is very serious.If you want your product to be out of the way, everything is normal, and honestly work in orbit, please install the damper for the product.I have said in front of the electric cooker lid damper, hot kettle cover shock absorber, acoustic damping gear, so what next? Next, let's introduce the slow down principle of the damper. Shock absorber and hinge, coupled with damping oil viscosity, so that the lid to reduce the movement of free fall, so as to achieve the slow start of the lid slow down. Make the lid appear elegant. It also eliminates the danger of crushing the hand.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers.

        Currently widely used in a variety of seats, toilet cover, board CD-ROM, car mirrors, car ashtrays, garbage cans, coffee pots, electric kettle, washing machine, auditorium Chair, theater chair, teaching chair, car seats, engineering chairs, train seats, toilet covers, screens, fitness machines, mechanical equipment, furniture drawer, cabinet, stereo, cup frame, card box, top sunglasses support, clothes rack, handle, fuel tank cover, lamp box, storage box or box, shutter, all kinds of small, medium box, such as flip, telescopic, sliding products, With shockproof effect and slow door opening and closing speed, so that it smooth flow, effectively reduce the noise generated during the use of products, improve the entire product grade and delay product life, create the highest economic benefits.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers.

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