The Role Of Small Rotary Dampers

- Sep 01, 2017-

     Now the product performance is more and more good, also more and more precious, is not said to start the security protection measures? Yes, so now a lot of elevator manufacturers began to design a number of automatic take-off and landing boxes and so on, it looks beautiful and good to use. But when you design the lifting lid, you must consider the safety of the customer. Because the lifting of the lid when the fall will produce a certain amount of gravity, no resistance will directly hit the customer's hand, so the role of the installation damper is here, the installation of the lifter damper can slow down the speed of the lifter.Small Rotary Dampers

    Shock absorber and hinge, coupled with damping oil viscosity, so that the lid to reduce the movement of free fall, so as to achieve the slow start of the lid slow down. Make the lid appear graceful. It also eliminates the danger of crushing the hand.Small Rotary Dampers

    The resistance of the damper is debugged by changing the concentration of the damping oil, damping oil concentration more strong torque month, but not that each rotary damper torque can be infinitely large, each damper has a limited internal space structure, a certain internal structure determines how much damping oil can be installed. Product Advantage has the following points: Long service life, stable performance, no leakage Small Rotary Dampers

    All products 100% through testing, quality qualified, experienced development team in accordance with customer drawings for the new project design and development, professional project engineers and after-sale personnel to ensure the implementation of the project and the normal operation of the product.Small Rotary Dampers

    The damping effect of the rotary damper can well control the speed of the toilet lid falling, security is thus greatly improved, not only, because of its speed drop, the toilet itself due to the wear of its gravity has also disappeared, greatly improving the product life, thus, this kind of toilet lid design is very humane, Not only can greatly enhance the user experience, but also to the user to save a certain cost, killing each other.Small Rotary Dampers

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