The Role Of Vane Rotary Dampers In Sliding Process

- Oct 31, 2017-

During the two-dimensional sliding process, there are three cases or stages of complete viscous, local sliding and overall sliding, and on the basis of one-dimensional local sliding model and two-dimensional integral sliding model, a two-dimensional local sliding model is proposed to simulate the partial sliding and partial viscosity of frictional contact surfaces in two-dimensional planar motion.Vane Rotary Dampers 

The calculation formula of frictional force under two-dimensional local sliding model is deduced, and the finite element model of blade is established, and the equivalent damper with two perpendicular spring damping units is added as the boundary condition of finite element calculation in the contact of blade flange plate.Vane Rotary Dampers

In this paper, the frictional contact model and the finite element model are used to establish the blade coupling vibration analysis method, and the vibration damping characteristics and frictional contact characteristics of the blade at operating frequency and nearby steady state amplitude are studied. The larger the number of springs, the more the hysteresis curve of friction-displacement hysteresis curve is simulated by the parallel model.Vane Rotary Dampers 

When the spring number is 6 o'clock, the two hysteresis curves have been basically coincident, in essence, when the contact surface length, the elastic modulus, the cross-sectional area and the sliding friction factor change little, the conclusion has a strong generality, and the change of contact positive pressure has little effect on the generality of this conclusion.Vane Rotary Dampers

When the amplitude of the external excitation increases, the value of the optimum positive pressure will be increased, and conversely decrease, while the positive pressure increases to the frictional contact surface near the elastic deformation stage, the ay decreases slightly after the positive pressure increases to a certain value, and the ax decreases. Damper structure, because the blade size is very small, the vibration frequency of the system x direction and y direction is much higher than the operating frequency, and the steady vibration is coupled with the one-bend vibration in two directions, while the positive pressure is in the vicinity of the optimal value, besides the frictional damping energy dissipation, the stiffness FM of the damper is very significant to the vibration inhibition.Vane Rotary Dampers

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