The Rotary Damper ​consists Of Two Varieties Of Eleven Grades,

- Feb 18, 2017-

The rotary damper consists of two varieties of eleven grades, the damping torque from 1N.m to 4.3N.m, the anti torque is lower than 20%. positive torque to maintain stable products, all products after high temperature heat treatment and vacuum processing and manufacturing under isothermal conditions. The continuous failure tests up to 50000 times without leakage without damage. Excellent performance, excellent technology the products are widely used in furniture, piano, toilet cover, mechanical and electrical equipment and other fields. It has large torque range, durable, stable quality and so on. These are the details of supply of toilet cover slow down oil core, to be provided by Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronics Co. Ltd., if you doubt what supply the toilet lid slowly descending oil core information, please contact the company for further, more information for the supply of the toilet lid slowly descending oil core.

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