The Rotary Damper Of The Ex Factory Price

- Feb 09, 2017-

The new year began, various manufacturers have started a new year of struggle, design a variety of new products also need to find a variety of raw materials, the competition is very fierce. Dongguan Longji is also looking for partners of damper manufacturers, hope there is a need to use the damper contact our factory: professional production of our 0769-87769161. damper has been for 17 years. Our various kinds of dampers to 25 kinds, mainly divided into: page type gear damper, damper, damper cylinder type damper. Gear is divided into: unidirectional and bidirectional rotary rotary damper damper. The one-way rotary gear damper only and LF-08B LF-38A. Today is mainly to introduce the two damper. In fact the two paragraph two damper in all directions, unidirectional and bidirectional. Here to explain, single and double damper The concept is only one-way damper while there is a resistance, two-way two direction have resistance. Mainly cover the above applies to small appliances, reduce the rate of decline in the quality of protection cover, small appliances, small appliances, prolong the service life. 

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