The Small Unidirectional Rotary Damper Tells You The Car Comfort Survey

- Jun 13, 2017-

   In a certain state of force, the damping material has the characteristics of energy that some viscous liquids can consume and the energy stored in the elastic solid material. In recent years, damping materials are moving in the direction of decompression and noise reduction, and in the field of general production, the use of damping materials as a raw material has a certain industry characteristics.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    The damping material may also be referred to as a viscoelastic material which, at a constant stress, has the characteristics of energy that some viscous liquids can consume and the energy stored in the elastomeric solid material.

In the automotive industry, damping materials manufactured by damping materials, automotive household appliances, such as buffer with the use of products such as the increase in the car's seal, reducing the vibration, reduce noise, thereby improving the car's Comfort.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

    Damping gears in the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and many other well-known car brands have been widely used for the entire automotive industry to enhance the comfort, made no small contribution.

    In the machinery industry and the daily use of home machinery, the use of damping gears can minimize mechanical noise and reduce mechanical vibration, to smooth, quiet operation, improve work efficiency, extend the use of equipment life. Wo Ying expert analysis, in addition to the manufacture of large-scale machinery used in the damping buffer and other parts, in the daily life of home, top sunglasses care, clothes rack, handle, tank cover, lamp box, storage box or box , Such as the shaft damping materials, garbage bin dampers, toilet dampers, etc., in the daily use of home is conducive to reducing the loss of mechanical movement, reduce noise, to create the quality of life The

    Extension: High-tech damping edge. In modern aerospace, wireless communications, damping materials are mainly used in the manufacture of rockets, missiles, jets and other control panel or gyroscope shell. Wo Ying expert analysis, the use of damping materials, can improve the accuracy of satellites, spacecraft sent back information and missile hit accuracy, has been widely used in aerospace instruments.

    In the communications industry, time has proved that the damping material, damping gear, damping buffer in the industry's competitiveness is growing. In the field of ships, damping materials are used to make propellers, transmission parts and cabin partitions, effectively reducing vibration and noise from surface collisions during mechanical engagement. The damping material can effectively dampen the noise without changing the original design and equipment of the ship, so that the ship can effectively avoid the radar and sonar remote detection, fundamentally improve the ship The level of stealth.

    It can be seen that the damping material in the whole industry as more and more R & D, production of hot, choose the manufacturer of damping parts, for each industrial enterprise for the modernization of development is very strategic significance.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

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