The Specific Structure And Characteristics Of Small Rotary Dampers

- Oct 09, 2017-

Rotary dampers, the use of areas: widely used in small flip flip, gift box, window safety handle, ground plug, etc., can effectively reduce the noise generated when using the product, with the spring can make the lid movement more supple. Rotary dampers vary depending on the speed of rotation. The change rule is: the speed increases, the torque also increases. The speed slows down and the torque decreases. Torque is different from standard torque at start-up.Small Rotary Dampers

Temperature characteristics: Rotary damper according to the use of ambient temperature changes, the torque also changes. The change rule is: the ambient temperature increases when the torque decreases, the ambient temperature decreases when the torque increases. This is because the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper also changes as the ambient temperature changes. However, when the ambient temperature returns to normal temperature, the torque will return to the original value.

Rotary dampers of the specific structure, is a standard gear as the main body, the shape of the gear is gradually open, this shape of the gear, can be a good operation, and even can be said to be excellent operation.Small Rotary Dampers

It uses twenty degrees pressure angle, diameter of 0.35 or so, mostly for the shell and polycarbonate, the gear material for the acetal.Small Rotary Dampers

Compact and compact structure, the installation space is small, the force is more reasonable; dynamic response fast damping force, and the dynamic response time is short; friction control resistance small friction control resistance is small, generally lower than the rated load of 1% -2% ; Swing angle head, tail articulated with joint bearings, allowing more than the maximum swing angle of ± 6 °; long life with a special hydraulic oil and sealing medium, stable performance, long sealing life; high temperature work, can be continuous at 93 ℃ temperature Work, short-term work stability up to 148 ℃.Small Rotary Dampers

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