The usage of dampener

- Aug 28, 2016-

Rotary Damper Applications

Rotary dampers are designed to reduce the movement of equipment which use rotary motion. This then limits the amount of vibration, noise and component wear caused to the equipment by movement during use.

The heavy cover rotary dampers provide an even rhythm of movement. An example of equipment which uses rotary dampers is a card shuffling machine. After inserting the cards, the card machine shuffles them quietly in any direction, depending on your requirements. You can choose from clockwise, anti-clockwise or a combination of the two.

Another example of how rotating dampers are utilized is the protection of delicate equipment in industrial environments. Certain machines require a keyboard for inputting data. The keyboard needs to avoid being subjected to strong vibrations or impact of any kind or it could easily be broken. By installing rotary dampers on to the pivot axis of its shelf, the keyboard can be moved from its housing cabinet to the operating position. The rotary damper prevents the hinge system from being overloaded as well as any damage to the housing cabinet and the hinges.

Longji rotary dampers acutor are maintenance-free and ready to install.

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