The Whole Information About Rotary Damper

- May 17, 2017-


Rotary Damper enables the product to achieve smooth mechanical movements,and to enhance product quality and longevity.

There is one-way buffering and bidirectional buffering. Apply to the computer optical drive, CD player in and out of warehouse, notebook computer closing, seat adjustment, mobile phone clamshell, cassette cartridges and so on.

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The rotary damper is based on the change of rotation speed and the torque is also changed. The change rule is: Speed improves, torque also improves. The speed slows down and the torque decreases. The torque is different from the standard torque when starting.

Temperature characteristics

The torque also are varies according to the changing ambient temperature of the rotary damper. The change rule is: The ambient temperature increases when the torque drops, the ambient temperature decreases when the torque rises. This is due to the change of ambient temperature, the viscosity of viscous oil in the damper is also changed. However, when ambient temperatures are restored to normal temperature, torque will also revert to the original value.

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Widely used in small clamshell flip, gift box, window safety handles, plug and so on, can effectively reduce the use of the noise generated by the product, with the spring can make the lid movement more supple.

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