Valve Arrangement Of Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

- Oct 31, 2017-

In the premise of ensuring the working cycle of the reversing valve, the speed of the reversing valve should be slowed down or opened to the oil inlet as far as possible. The method is: using damper at both ends of the reversing valve, one-way throttle valve can be used to adjust the moving speed of the reversing valve, using the reversing circuit of the solenoid reversing valve, such as the hydraulic impact caused by the quick reversing speed, the solenoid reversing valve with damper device can be replaced, and the control pressure of the reversing valve should be reduced properly.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

The flow rate of the liquid is slowed down when the reversing valve is not completely shut off. The method is: improving the structure of the control side of the inlet and outlet of the reversing valve. The structure of the control side of the valve inlet and back oil inlet has a right angle shape, a cone and an axial triangular groove. When the rectangular control edge is adopted, the hydraulic impact is larger, and when the cone-shaped control edge is used, the hydraulic impact is greater than that of the iron ore, and the braking process is more stable with the triangular groove opening control edge, and the effect of the pilot valve prefabrication is better.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

There is a fast-beating for the required reversing valve (such as surface grinder and cylindrical grinder), its fast jump action can not be offside, that is, in the structure and size of the match should ensure that the reversing valve in the middle position. Enlarge the pipe diameter of the pipe, shorten the line of reversing valve to the hydraulic cylinder, and reduce the bending of the pipe. A method of preventing hydraulic shock caused by a sudden braking, decelerating, or stopping of a hydraulic piston in the middle of a stroke.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

At the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic cylinder, a small safety valve with fast reaction and high sensitivity is set up. The pressure control valve with good dynamic characteristics (such as dynamic adjustment) is used to reduce the driving energy, which is to reduce the working pressure of the system as much as possible when the driving force is achieved; in the system with back pressure valve, the working pressure of the back pressure valve should be improved appropriately.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers 

In the hydraulic control circuit of the vertical power head or the vertical hydraulic press, the balance valve or back pressure valve should be set up, the two-speed conversion is adopted, the vessel-type corrugated accumulator is installed in the vicinity of the hydraulic shock, and the rubber hose is used to absorb the energy of the hydraulic impact; To prevent and eliminate the air in the hydraulic system.Small Uni-directional Rotary Dampers

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