What Are The Characteristics And Working Principle Of Longji Plastic Rotary Dampers?

- Nov 10, 2016-

Dampers, is the supply of movement resistance, consumption of energy-reducing equipment. While the "special" components placed on the construction system can supply the resistance of the movement and consume the kinetic energy of the equipment, which we call dampers. From the 1970s onwards, we gradually began to transfer these skills to the construction, bridges, railways and other structural engineering, its development is very rapid. In particular, there are more than 50 years of history of hydraulic viscous dampers in the United States accepted by the structural engineering community has experienced a lot of testing, severe inspection, repeat the proof, especially the long process of seismic detection.

We Dongguan Longji Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. of the rotating dampers to make steep mechanical movement of goods, enhance the quality of goods and the number of life. There are one-way buffer and two-way buffer. Used in computer CD-ROM, CD player out of position, notebook computer opening and closing, seat recuperation, cell phone clamshell, cassette tapes, etc.

Characteristics of Rotating Damper. Speed, rotating dampers According to the change of rotational speed, torque also changes. The change rule is: speed, torque also increased. The speed slows down, torque also will drop. The torque at start-up is different from the standard torque. Temperature characteristics, rotating damper according to the use of ambient temperature changes, the torque also changes. The change rule is: When the ambient temperature increases, the torque decreases, and the ambient temperature decreases. This is because the viscosity of the viscous oil in the damper changes as the ambient temperature changes. However, when the ambient temperature returns to normal temperature, the torque will return to the original value.

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