Auto Shock Absorber for Honda CRV

Auto Shock Absorber for Honda CRV

Tiny Bi-directional Rotary Damper Without Gears can be used in the furniture like door,cabinet door,chair ,etc.

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We always adhere to the "quality, reputation" as the purpose of service, and our by changing viscoity, stainless high torque damper, Ace damper have been gradually developed overseas markets. Our technologies, products, designs and services are dedicated to understanding and satisfying the needs of users, even exceeding their expectations. We regard the solution good quality as our most vital essence character. Technological progress has promoted the vitality and prosperity of the industry, which can stimulate more talents and creativity.

We have a professional factory producing durable tiny bi-directional rotary damper without gears, welcome to wholesale tiny bi-directional rotary damper without gears made in China and get its free sample with us.

Title:Tiny bi-directional rotary damper without gears

Type: LF-08A

1.Product description:

Bi-directional rotary dampers and dashpots are used to dampen drives, control speed, and many other applications. Our rotational viscous dampers are maintenance free and the most durable units on the market. Our silicone oil viscous dampers are available in either fixed rate or adjustable models. 




Body and cap material: PC

Rotating shaft material:POM

Oil type:Silicone oil

Max. rotation speed: 50rpm

Max. cycle rate: 10cycle/min

Operating temperature :  -20℃-70℃

Rated torque: 10-40N.m(

Note 1): Rated torque measured at a rotation speed of 2orpm at 23℃

     2):Torque can be customized by changing the oil viscosity.

4.Damper Speed Characteristics:

A rotary damper's torque varies according to the rotation speed. In general, as shown in the graph to the right, the torque increases as the rotation speed increases, and the torque decreases as the rotation speed decreases. In addition, please note that the starting torque slightly differs from the rated torque.

5.Damper Temperature Characteristics:

A rotary damper's torque varies according to the ambient temperature. In addition, as shown in the graph to the right, the torque decreases as the ambient temperature increases, and the torque increases as the ambient temperature decreases. This is because the viscosity of the silicone oil inside the damper varies according to the temperature. When the temperature returns to normal, the torque will return to normal as well.

5. Why Choose us:

· In-house tool manufacture, mold making

· Provide OEM&ODM service

· RoHs Approve

· Plastic processing machines

· More than 17 years experiences in manufacturing audio accessories

· Optimization of production processes and material input

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We have achieved rapid development in recent years, established a scientific and technological service team full of innovation ability to continuously promote the upgrading of Auto Shock Absorber for Honda CRV and application technologies. Our strength is dedicated to meet the needs of the healthy development of society, create social resource value and corporate brand value, and provide a platform for sustainable development for the society! In terms of the scale of business operations, we hope that the future development can flourish like vast stars and create unlimited possibilities for eternal development.
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