Rice Cooker Vane Rotary Damper

Rice Cooker Vane Rotary Damper

Rice Cooker Vane Rotary Damper at a good price

Product Details

We have a professional factory producing durable rice cooker vane rotary damper, welcome to wholesale rice cooker vane rotary damper made in China and get its free sample with us.

Title: rice cooker vane rotary damper

Type: LF-40B


rotational damper for rice cooker

3.Product parameters:

Shell material:

Internal  material

Damping oil



Silicone oil

Seal ring

The maximum rotation angle

Torque range

Silica gel



Note 1):Nominal torque is measured value under temperature of 23℃,humidity of 80%, rotation speed of test rack motor of 36r/m after damper rotates for 5 cycles;

     2)Provide customized torque by changing viscosity of damper grease;

     3) The maximum operating temperature scope of damper: -20℃-70℃

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